Learning and inspiration around us

We have seen the rise of so many products over the years—their stories of making it work whether in UX and design, product marketing, product management, content strategy, customer discovery and research—all these have inspired us to raise our standards while working with product teams.

In this section, we are sharing many of those stories—posts, videos, interviews, and other forms of content that we have used to learn build our own capabilities.


  • Driving growth—a customer acquisition playbook, First Round Capital: link
  • Building and selling to developers, the GoTo Market playbook, OpenView: link
  • Toward Future Readiness—A Playbook for Building Foresight Capacity, IFTF: link
  • [Video] The product-led onboarding playbook, Phil Vander Broek (co-Founder and CPO at Dopt): link
  • Customer retention playbook, Amplitude: link


  • Growth design for startups, by First Round Review: link
  • The power of great product marketing:  Martina Lauchengco, Partner, Costanoa Ventures & SVPG (video): link
  • How capable leaders navigate uncertainty and ambiguity, John Cutler: link
  • Product management vs product marketing, Marty Cagan: link
  • Distribution and marketing—word of mouth, Reforge: link
  • Product Principles, Intercom: link
  • Recipe for system change, Helsinki Design Lab: link
  • Support content compliance using Generative AI, Michael Andrews: link
  • The product strategy stack, Reforge: link
  • Andrew Chen on marketplaces strategy, Stripe: link


The Jobs to be Done Theory, by Clay Christensen
Systems Thinking, by Peter Senge, in the Aalto Systems Forum 2014
The engineering mindset | Will Larson (Carta, Stripe, Uber, Calm, Digg), on Lenny’s Podcast