How it works

  • July 10, 2024

How we work

There are no defined rules or boundaries that show how we work as fractional executive leaders or consultants—CMO, CEO, COO, or fractional design or content leaders. Every product team is different for their strengths, culture, goals, and their weak links. 

We prefer to work with organizations who understand systems and standards—while keeping an eye on their operations and velocity as well. We share our experiences in our writings, talks, and in community presence. Write to us at if you want to discuss how we work.

Our thoughts

  • Designing an intelligent bot—a case study, in an interview with Head of AI Content in Capital One (in 2018): link
  • A systems-driven content supply chain is the life blood of customer experience: link
  • Not Investing in product positioning is a disrespect to the product Itself: link
  • SaaS pricing page and the role of product content strategy: link
  • Aligning content principles with the product principles to have more relevant content systems: link
  • Our decisions framework: link
  • We need design and content systems that support product metrics: link


  • Growth design for startups, by First Round Review: link
  • The power of great product marketing:  Martina Lauchengco, Partner, Costanoa Ventures & SVPG (video): link
  • How capable leaders navigate uncertainty and ambiguity, John Cutler: link
  • Distribution and marketing—word of mouth, Reforge: link
  • Product Principles, Intercom: link
  • Recipe for system change, Helsinki Design Lab: link
  • Support content compliance using Generative AI, Michael Andrews: link
  • The product strategy stack, Reforge: link
  • Andrew Chen on marketplaces strategy, Stripe: link

If you are thinking something as

“We spoke to many customers but we are experiencing a high churn rate or inactive accounts rate; not sure how we could do it for the retention.”

“Our customers are loving the product and they see the value but our positioning is not very clear—we need to redo it and bring more customer-centric storytelling.”

“Our SaaS product page is getting a good traffic and they are seeing our pricing page but the conversions are too low—I wonder how we can build the urgency and confidence to help them sign up.”

Without overthinking, you can contact us to identify your needs, and if there is a merit in hiring us for fractional leadership roles. Just fill in this small form (Typeform). We shall write back within 72 hours.