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03 June 2019

Designing this SaaS pricing page is and to get it right can be really complex and challenging because it calls for a variety of skills – data driven pricing points, communicating the layered prices in each plan and to map the value metrics for each plan, identifying how the customers may evaluate a plan against others, the CTA message in right vocabulary, and to inspire the trust to try, or buy or to upgrade.

If the design team cannot get the right balance in page structure or in the message, or if the pricing strategist fails to inspire the confidence that each plan’s features map with the corresponding price, the hardest part is NOT to make them feel stupid that they are not doing their job properly.

01 June 2019

I realized that to prepare a log of issues (structured in different types of issues) could be overwhelming and it could demoralize the entire team.

The best option was to NOT to begin conversations around content strategy, rather I prepared a list of the impact areas that direct connect with the product leadership and stakeholders. I planned to speak directly in the language of impact, on business, on product team’s effort, and on the shared rewards.

28 April 2019

When you plan to upgrade your skills and knowledge so that you can put these into real work practice, the first thing to learn is to get buy-in from stakeholders. Or at least this should be an in-parallel exercise.

05 April 2019

My agency name is vhite (and not “Vhite*, please) and I continue to see that many products where I use this company name change it to *Vhite* automatically. This is so annoying that I have to call their support team and sometimes, they do not have a fix. The latest example is of my Mailchimp account that I saw today (my tweet on this issue), and even they are not consistent in how they should use my company name. See two examples from within the same story, today.

26 February 2019

For the customers, successful interaction with a product is an immediate goal. For instance, they click on the Donate button to make a donation—and a transaction with minimum friction is a success to them.

Assuming that empathy helps the product team to design the right experience for this donate action, the donor lives that moment for a while. They can use a screen to make a difference in others’ lives. She remembers the experience for the message. She may come back again and she turns your brand ambassadors. This is Empowerment.

12 February 2019

Mobility: Strategic transit for goods and services, shared rides, walkways, safety, connected support for medical and police, scalable for unknown transit (driverless cars), pedestrian culture.

Buildings: Data-driven and for context, personalized way-finding, alerts for medical conditions, building health notifications, and Jeanie trusts for easy access to emergency services and for language support

06 February 2019

UX Design for Overall PEACE:
The ROI of strategic UX investments is generally about hours saved, cost saved, customer success and NPS, and Organization ROI. There is much more to these measurable benefits

03 November 2018

“I start with the itch that this ideal customer cannot scratch or is afraid to scratch. It follows with identifying their status quo, their constraints, and why would they listen to anything new (a new product). I am not wearing any hat at this stage–neither of a content strategist, UX designer, nor of a storyteller. I am merely a guardian of an intent.”