A product focused team who design experiences that sell, design, and scale for the your business goals

Design Driven

We are a design driven organization with consistent and shared understanding of why design drives all the teams forward, how the investments in design contribute to brand’s north-star metric, across functions and teams.

We strongly encourage cross-functional collaboration so that different teams and roles work together for the business goals.

Complete product ownership, focus on investments in outcome driven design systems that scale for pivots and growth

Our Expertise is Our Team.

The Message

vhite works to help you communicate your brand message via the product experience, via the product pitch, on the SaaS pricing page, via support emails, and the way customers feel empowered while using your product.

We design the product experiences for product users (and NOT for product owners) and we align the customer success with business success too (for product owners’ ROI goals), and for our team (for designing experience).

The Method

We invest for product's sustainability. Regardless of whether we are working on an eight weeks prototyping sprint, or the team is planning a complex digital experience for a non-profit that demands extensive user research campaigns, the entire inventory of digital assets are designed for scale-ability, interoperability, and a shared vocabulary across teams, functions, and people, and for growth.

The Message via Storytelling

An example of how we craft a narrative while pitching

Our Pitch

A Digitally Prepared Chandigarh - Connected, Sustainable, Future-Friendly

Teams design products. Product experience designs the customers' delight.

In February 2019, we organized a one-day UX design conference to discuss and validate our design process around customer stories.

about vhite: OUTCOME conference organizer for UX design, Chandigarh

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